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(Last updated 22 March)

The 22 March update is simply a reorganisation of pages, splitting the alphabetical lists more to make them quicker to load.

No new blogs have been added. But two have been removed for breaking my rules about commercialism.

The next update (with new blogs) will be on 5 April.

Iechyd da

I’d like to acknowledge The Anxious Gardener, David Marsden, as the inspiration behind this list. It was a post on his blog that led me to revisit a list I’d made ages before, update it and add a lot of new blogs (initially harvested from responses to his post) before carrying on with other lists I had and …...

This is a growing (and so dynamic - that sounds nice) list of gardening blogs (hence the title “Gardening Blogs”). I don’t rate blogs with stars or points; if a blog is about gardening I’m happy to add it to the list.

But if it turns out that the blog is merely a method of selling something then I’m just as happy to remove it from the list.

Navigate between the lists using the menu that drops down when you hover your mouse pointer over the “Blog Directory” item in the menu bar above. There are also simple forward and back links at the bottom of every page.

Click any “screen grab” image to load the associated blog in a new window or tab. This is so you can navigate around a blog as much as you like but still get back to this list easily if you want to visit other blogs.

Of course, I can’t accept any responsibility for the content of external sites but if you encounter any issues when visiting any blog, please let me know using the contact form (click the “contact me” button on the right).

If you want to add your blog (or someone else’s blog) to the list, or remove your blog (who knows!) or change the text that accompanies the screen grab, please send me a link to the blog’s home page, plus any additional information, using the contact form.

I update the list at around 7-8 pm UK time on the first Wednesday of every month. Additions will appear on this page (scroll down) until the next update when they’ll move into the alphabetical lists to make way for new new additions. So just remember to come back and visit the list again each month if you want to catch the newbies.

Enough of this rubbish. On with the show. I hope you find the list useful.