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This is a growing list of gardening blogs (hence the title “Gardening Blogs”). Each month I search the interwebs (or shamelessly plagiarise the searchings of others) for blogs written by gardeners, about gardening, for gardeners, with the aim of adding new blogs here for your delectation and delight.

I update the list on the first Wednesday of every month, limiting additions to no more than 10 a month. There’s a reason for that! New additions, along with the current month’s featured blog, are listed below. For more info, including how to add your blog, or someone else’s, to the list, please visit the FAQs page. Though you need to be quick! June’s update is already full and July’s spaces are going fast!

Navigate through the list using the drop-down list that should appear by magic when you hover your mouse pointer over “Garden Blogs” in the menu above. There are also simple >> and << links at the bottom of every page. The screen grabs of the blogs are the hotspots - click on one to load that blog.

The Guardian Gardening Blog

The Guardian newspaper’s gardening blog.

Lovely Greens

My mission on Lovely Greens is to show how to live a greener and more garden centred lifestyle. Growing your own food is a growing interest, especially with those who’ve not done it before. Whether you have a large garden or tiny balcony, it’s not only possible to grow your own but you can use your fresh produce in the kitchen and in handmade skincare.

Through blogs and videos I show how to grow organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers, and then use them to make wholesome meals and handmade beauty products. I’m also a huge fan of a good garden or home DIY project and I showcase those ideas too.

The Good Life - Well Maybe

Retired young and active so now looking forward to doing all the things I have dreamed about.

I’d like to acknowledge The Anxious Gardener, David Marsden, as the inspiration behind this list. It was a post on his blog that led me to revisit a list I’d made ages before, update it and add a lot of new blogs (initially harvested from responses to his post) before carrying on with other lists I had and ……

He’s damned good with a camera to boot!

I’d also like to pay tribute to Richard Chivers (not of the famous marmalade family) who blogs over at Sharpen Your Spades and regularly ferrets around the interwebs to produce lists of blog highlights which usually include a blog or three that are new to me and, thus, additions to this list.

He is also the guardian of the famous allotment chair (white plastic model) which, one day, I hope to mate with mine to produce a patio set.

Rooftop Veg Plot

Wendy Shillam’s roof top plot will be of interest to anyone wanting to grow edibles in an urban location. Situated five floors up in London W1 and five minutes from Oxford Circus, this unlikely garden makes use of raised beds with only six inches of soil. Wendy grows herbs and salad crops organically. There is a tiny greenhouse full of tomatoes and cucumbers. An elder bush, roses and Japanese wineberries protect the beds from high winds. A grapevine flowers and fruits happily above a sunny arbour.


Click anywhere in this grey area to load the featured blog. I hope you like it.

This award-winning site’s featured because it’s number 132 in my database and the random selector chose number 132. But if I was manually selecting the featured blog, this would be high on my list. Although it does promote Richard’s range of gardening products, available exclusively through the TV shopping channel QVC, there’s a lot more here. I link to the blog page of the site but if you nip through the other pages you’ll find articles from a wide range of well-known garden writers, full of useful hints and tips.

Be careful, though! There’s so much here that you can easily find yourself hooked and the afternoon you planned for the garden suddenly becomes tea-time!

Richard Jackson’s Garden Blog

The whole team at Richard Jackson’s Garden is here to help you to make more of your outdoor room. We’ll be sharing home and lifestyle advice, great plants to grow in pots and containers and the latest insider info from a great cast of well-known garden writers and some new kids on the block too.


The list on this page is in random order. The included blogs won’t change till the next update, when they’ll move into the alphabetical lists. However the order of blogs on this page will change, again randomly, during the month.

Elephant’s Eye on False Bay

Diana and Jurg Studer garden for biodiversity on False Bay. Fynbos on the mountain slopes around suburbia. Long summers and wet winters in our mediterranean climate.

The Garden Smallholder

Welcome to our blog, we’re Karen and Rich!

Karen is the main blog author, a self-taught veg gardener and published photographer. Rich is a Marketing professional and the handy man around the garden smallholding.

We live in North Bedfordshire, UK with our grown up children. Most days are spent in wellies, pottering around our rural village garden tending to the vegetable garden and chickens.

Diary of a Brussels Kitchen Garden

This Blog / Website is about vegetable growing in a small urban garden in a large modern city. With lack of growing area it deals with vertical growing and use of elevational space, growing from both a raised soil bed and a range of pots and containers. The aim is to get maximum plant growth out of minimal available space.

The Institute of Quarrying Garden Blog

As the Institute of Quarrying celebrates its centenary in 2017, we wanted to open the doors and give an insight into an industry driven by technology and innovation, which is filled with highly skilled, trained and competent professionals.

The creation of the IQ #QuarryGarden sets out to re-address the balance and showcase a vibrant industry, its people and the contribution it makes to the natural and built environments whilst educating and informing.

It promises to be an amazing journey of the coming months; we hope you will be joining us at the RHS Chatsworth show later this year.

Emma’s Allotment

Transforming an overgrown UK allotment

The Enduring Gardener

It is true to say that gardeners have an affinity with nature, more acutely aware of the turning of the seasons, eager witnesses of the gradual transformation of the months from January through to December. It is also true to say, that in common with each other they tend to be a resilient lot, hardy dependable and patient. Able to overcome the most extreme conditions, put up with set backs, never to give up in order to bring seeds to life, observe the emergence of new shoots, the explosion of blossom and the maturing of fruit. In essence gardeners are blessed with uncommon endurance and like the long distance runner, they’re in it for the duration.