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I’m currently welcoming requests to add blogs to the list in the November slots. July through October slots are already full.

I search the interwebs (or shamelessly plagiarise the searchings of others) for blogs written by gardeners, horticulturists and others; about gardening, horticulture and related topics; for gardeners and anyone interested,  with the aim of adding new blogs here for your delectation and delight.

I update the list on the first Wednesday of every month, limiting additions to no more than 10 at a time so you’re not overwhelmed by too many new blogs! New additions, along with the current month’s featured blog, are listed below. For more info, including how to add your blog, or someone else’s, to the list, please visit the FAQs page. Because I limit the number of additions each month, there’s a waiting list, usually about 2-3 months long.

Navigate through the list using the drop-down list that should appear by magic when you hover your mouse pointer over “Garden Blogs” in the menu above. There are also simple >> and << links at the bottom of every page. The screen grabs of the blogs are the hotspots - click on one to load that blog.

I’d like to acknowledge The Anxious Gardener, David Marsden, as the inspiration behind this list. It was a post on his blog that led me to revisit a list I’d made ages before, update it and add a lot of new blogs (initially harvested from responses to his post) before carrying on with other lists I had and ……

He’s damned good with a camera to boot!

I’d also like to pay tribute to Richard Chivers (not of the famous marmalade family) who blogs over at Sharpen Your Spades and regularly ferrets around the interwebs to produce lists of blog highlights which usually include a blog or three that are new to me and, thus, additions to this list.

He is also the guardian of the famous allotment chair (white plastic model) which, one day, I hope to mate with mine to produce a patio set.


The list on this page is in random order. The included blogs won’t change till the next update, when they’ll move into the alphabetical lists. However the order of blogs on this page will change, again randomly, during the month.

Garden Ruminations

I retired from my job on a nursery in August 2014, a little earlier than I’d planned. Since then our garden and my allotments have had rather more attention than before. They’re done with the benefit of a lifetime as a professional horticulturalist behind me, which helps a bit but not as much as you might think. Growing plants on a nursery and growing them at home are quite different.

Our garden is in south-east Cornwall and has been a work in progress since 1989. I have pictures of it then and it’s unrecognisable. I hope to be around to look at the pictures I’m taking now in another 27 years time and for it to be unrecognisable again.

Old House in the Shires

I live in Wiltshire in the UK with my husband, 2 teenagers, 1 bonkers dog and 2 old cats. We live in an old house in a rural area so this is a blog about living in the country and the everyday things that happen to me in my life. I love wildlife, gardening, teaching, interiors, up cycling, eating out, reading, writing, travelling, hunting for antiques and growing my own veg……

Hot Pepper in the City

We like to chronicle our gardening trials and errors here. We split our gardening time between container gardening in our apartment in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago and Super_C#gardener’s parents’ backyard in Portage Park Chicago which we are slowly co-opting to a flower and vegetable jungle.

Our main passions are heirloom peppers (particularly hot!), but we love other vegetables too.

Most days Super_C#gardener and Capt.Capsicum  just sit behind a desks and write code.

Auntie Allie Produce

Aiming to set up own B&B & Smallholding - organic, tranquil & generally fab! Currently discovering the world of allotments, foraging & making my own produce...

The Biking Gardener

Welcome to my blog about gardening and gardens in Ireland and in the East Midlands in the UK.

I moved to Ireland in January 2013 and lived in North Wexford until june 2016.

On this blog I will be describing lots of aspects of gardening, including what I am doing in the garden here, new plants, gardening tips, gardens I have visited, events and experiences.

Roger Brook - the no dig gardener

I want you to read my blog because you like it. Not because of who I am. Which is probably why it’s taken so long to write this page! As a former lecturer in horticulture, deprived of the pleasure of public communication, I have turned to blogging.

Why call my blog ‘No dig gardener’ when I write about other things too? I even write about digging! When we searched for a title, nothing else seemed satisfactory. Brenda suggested that if anything in gardening defines me, it is my failure to dig. Ergo, when you add my penchant for self-publicity you have ‘Roger Brook no dig gardener’. Once upon a time I feared to Google my name for fear of what I might find. I now do it all the time!

Thomas Stone

My name is Thomas Stone and I have been a professional horticulturist since 1989. I am based in Hampshire where I run my own company, specialising in Garden Consultancy, Roses Wild life gardening and pruning .I am still learning so much about plants, gardens and materials. With my blog and working website now separated, I am hoping to explore my love of plants and gardens, looking at each month a garden, some of the tasks in the months ahead, tools that I like using, materials I use within my day to day work and of course some of the beautiful plants that I love to both look at and enjoy seeing in gardens


Click anywhere in this grey area to load the featured blog. I hope you like it.

Thomas’ blog is number 96 in the database and his number came up this month. Now Thomas is a professional (he’s got lots of letters after his name too) and he knows his stuff. He’s got family history as well (his dad held the RHS Victoria Medal of Honour). His blog contains a mine of information as he’s generously giving everyone the benefit of the knowledge that others pay him for.

Apart from information on a lot of plants, especially roses (he’s arguably the South’s leading expert on rose garden management), his writing covers things to do, how to do those things, wildlife gardening, visiting gardens, tool reviews …. Something for everyone.

Edinburgh Garden Diary

My name is Joanna, and I am a gardener, writer, photographer and blogger living in a traditional Edinburgh tenement flat with my husband (whom I refer to as The Brazilian when he occasionally appears in this blog). I write mainly about the development of our tenement gardens, which were in poor condition when we first moved here (see The Gardens for the full story). I also write about visits to other people’s gardens and gardening events, and about gardening techniques, garden toolery, and general garden tomfoolery.

I aim to update Edinburgh Garden Diary about once a week, and I am also very active on Instagram.

Backlane Notebook

Gardening is one of my greatest pleasures both here at home and on my allotment. I spend a great deal of time in my walled town garden fiddling around with new planting plans in an attempt to maintain a garden with all year interest.

Growing fruit and vegetables is enormously satisfying and led me to write Allotment Gardening an Organic Guide for Beginners.  Since most allotment produce is annual, new skills can be learned and added to every year, plus it’s a great opportunity to try new varieties. My latest excitement is growing flowers. In the eighteen months since I started a cut flower bed on the allotment I have filled two vases most weeks and rarely buy flowers.


Gardening has always been a way of life for me, it’s not that my parents were Gardeners in-fact Farming was more their trade and whilst I knew at a very young age that life on a farm was not for me! I did, however, develop a passion for the great outdoors and country living.

I blog to capture a moment a feeling, an essence of my inner self, tamed for all to see! Much of the reason I Garden. I can honestly say that Gardening for me is not about self-satisfaction, it is more about the reaction from the on-looker. The client, the visitor the novice gardener, who wants to learn. I believe I was born to teach, perhaps instruct would be a better term.

The Bonnie Gardener

Scottish gardener and blogger.