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I’d like to acknowledge The Anxious Gardener, David Marsden, as the inspiration behind this list. It was a post on his blog that led me to revisit a list I’d made ages before, update it and add a lot of new blogs (initially harvested from responses to his post) before carrying on with other lists I had and …...

This is a growing list of gardening blogs (hence the title “Gardening Blogs”). I don’t rate blogs with stars or points; if a blog is about gardening I’m happy to add it to the list. But I won’t add a “store front” simply because someone calls it a blog!

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I am a 26 year old human interested in sustainable food and farming. I will be writing blogposts based on my own experiences growing food and my thoughts on various food issues in general. Warning: there may be some poems.

The Shrub Queen

Nationally published (USA) author and Landscape Architect (registered in Georgia) I am a major market girl. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA.

Several years ago, my husband and I returned from our annual sojourn to Maui and decided we had to get the heck out of the big city. So, he retired and we relocated to the Treasure Coast.

Ramblings From the Plot

Well, well done for finding my blog and thank you for having a look around, I hope you like it.

Im  a gardener, a supervisor, an allotment-er, an aviation enthusiast and I love my plants, so I hope to keep things interesting on here.

There is also the forum, where given time, I hope we can create a bit of a community.

Peaches and Cream Hobby Farm

Our family has been into farming for many generations either as a business or as a hobby. We have learned through the years what works and what doesn’t, and  we have also discovered new and inexpensive ways to make farming easier. Although our family lives in the country, we currently live in an urban area. A couple of years ago, my daughter and I had a discussion about  wanting easy access to organic foods. We  knew the easiest and most inexpensive way was to grow our own. We started with a small vegetable garden, then over the last couple of years we have expanded with fruit trees and berry bushes.

Dinchope Diary – Life in a Wildlife Garden

Jenny Steel is a plant ecologist and author who specialises in wildlife gardening. She lives in South Shropshire in the village of Dinchope where hers is the only house. She has a two acre wildlife garden where she records as much of the visiting wildlife as she is able. She writes books and magazine articles on wildlife gardening. You can visit her websites at or

Vertical Veg

In 2009, I discovered I was able to grow much more food that I thought was possible on my small balcony in London. This changed my life.  I  started to eat better, tastier food. My growing connected me to the city and local community in new ways and provided a constant source of joy and fulfilment.

In 2010, I started Vertical Veg to inspire and support people to grow food in the city – and to benefit from its rewards.  I also wanted to raise awareness that you don’t need a garden to grow food – any small patch of concrete that gets a bit of sun will do!

Rock Cottage Year

I was lucky to be born surrounded by beautiful countryside (The Yorkshire Dales) and beautiful gardens.  My Mother always had a lovely garden as did my Gran (she was always delighted that people would stop to photograph it).  I took little interest as a child, but once I owned my first house with some outside space I got caught with the bug. I started by adding to the small cottage walled garden (in Kent) of my last house before moving to my current home, where I live with my two boys.  When I bought the property, it had a 1/3 acre of head high brambles and weeds, this blank space has allowed me to grow vegetables for the first time by creating a decent sized ‘patch’ of raised beds, along with new flower borders.  

Rambling in the Garden

I had not intended to write a blog, but was talking to a friend about how, now I had more time,  I wanted amongst other things to keep a better record of the garden and nurture its spiritual aspects, as well as writing poetry more often. She suggested I did it online as a blog, and was born.

A Pentland Garden Diary

In the Spring of 2013 we left the city behind and moved to a lovely little cottage on the edge of the Scottish Pentland Hills, just South of Edinburgh.

Let’s just say that the garden wasn’t quite to our taste, so, after a glorious Summer of simply enjoying having one, the first time since being a ‘grown up’, it was time to start ripping everything out and start again.

Neither of us have much experience of gardening, or are that practical for that matter, so we’re pretty much just making it up as we go along. This blog is a diary of our Pentland garden.


Gardening has been an interest of mine since I was a child, and I have always kept some form of garden at every house I have lived in since I left home. Due to my father’s job as an army officer we had a rather nomadic life when I was a child, but I have certainly done my share of moving house as an adult too. Since birth I have lived in 24 houses and the house I live in now is the 12th house since leaving my parent’s home at the age of 16.....that's a lot of different gardens! The garden I have now is the third here in UK, before 1999 I lived in Norway. There I had all kind of gardens from a tiny balcony garden where I grew carrots in juice cartons to the largest one the size of two football pitches.

The Middle-Sized Garden

A middle-sized garden can be expensive and time-consuming. You need more manure, plants and hands-on help than you do in tiny courtyard gardens, but you’re still limited on space. I’m not the sort of person who can make my own poly-tunnel from discarded plastic packaging. My money-saving tips need to be easier than that.

So I started this blog to share tips and inspiration on how to create a gorgeous garden, while saving time and money. I also try to follow environmentally-conscious and wild-life friendly gardening policies, although I usually crack when it comes to lily-beetle.

The Serendipitous Garden

Hello, welcome to my blog all about my terraced garden in the West Midlands. My approach to gardening has always been to give a plant a good start but then let it fend for itself, or to sort of quote quote Rocky, ‘if it dies, it dies’.

Now, I’m turning over a new leaf, I’m going to get organised and see if I can create a beautiful garden on a bit of a budget. I’m going to grow as much as I can from seed and try out some things I’ve never grown before.

London Cottage Garden

Welcome to my blog which is about having a cottage garden in London. We are in Highgate, north London but I’m hoping people all over London will be interested as well in other towns and cities.

I’d sum up the style as being jumbled close planting of shrubs and simple perennials with lots of bulbs, self seeders and herbs. I’m aiming for a chaotic abundance of colour, scent and movement.

This blog will be about how I work on creating this style of garden and what I love about it – what I plant and what I don’t – what has worked and what hasn’t and how we use the space.