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The Backyard Larder

Welcome. I created The Backyard Larder to share my discoveries about how to grow perennial vegetables and how to cook them too.

Barn House Garden

The garden at Barn House is located on a secluded hillside above the beautiful Wye Valley. Surrounded by meadows and woodland, it’s been an inspiring place to create a garden. The result is bold plantings of ornamental grasses and other resilient flowering perennials.

The acre garden is divided into two, with the house sitting at the bottom of what was a rocky slope. Storm drainage was installed in 2006. In the process 100 tonnes of red sandstone were excavated. The biggest challenge has been how to prepare areas for planting.


I’m a freelance writer and editor in my everyday working life, specializing in non-fiction (especially food). I’m also addicted to a) gardening, often in the face of repeated disasters not unconnected to being on a windy Welsh hillside not far from the sea,* and b) almost any yarn-based craft known to man, woman or sheep. I have a knitting and spinning blog as well – which covers all sorts of related witterings, from archaeology to colour – at woolwinding.wordpress. All visitors welcome!

* But I can grow beans. Lots of beans. It’s just as well I like them.

The Blackberry Garden

Amateur, certainly not an expert, but obsessional gardener based in Leicester. I love writing about my garden, garden visits I have made and garden related subjects. Some of things I think are garden-related might be a little tenuous.

The Bohemian Raspberry

I am The Bohemian Raspberry and I am very pleased to meet your acquaintance (also known as Bo, Chelle or Michelle if your prefer traditional).

A little about me, I am a Wife, I am a Mum, I am a student and I am a obsessed with gardening!

Not so long ago I had the pleasure of taking on my very own allotment. I’ve decided to blog about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of my little lottie.

Bridge Nursery Blog

I live in Blackmore Vale, north Dorset, in an old mill with an acre of garden. It sounds romantic, but it is not the idyllic scene you are picturing! The mill is a converted 1920s industrial building that came with plenty of expensive problems that we are still working on after 9 years. And the whole of Blackmore Vale is low-lying and flood-prone and blessed with heavy, chalky clay. Not for nothing does one neighbour have a lake in the garden, which is an old excavation for a brickworks! Gardening & Photography

Welcome to, thank you for visiting.

This is my new blog covering two interests in The Life of Brian, photography and gardening.

I recently started to develop a blog about my photography along-side my other blog Our Garden@19, which I first published two years ago. These two have now been merged into

Bristol Seed Swap

The Bristol Seed Swap is community event – offering a fantastic opportunity to :

– Share & take away diverse & interesting seeds

– Learn about seed saving, green issues, growing & local projects

– Get expert advice from knowledgable & friendly gardeners!

– Learn about seed and land issues, local projects and ideas for making the most of your allotment or garden.

By Nature: notes from a besotted gardener