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Garden and Gardening

Hugh Cassidy has just moved his blog over to Wordpress. At the time of writing (February 2017) all the great content in his former blog is still there at Read it while you can!

Garden Diary

The Garden Post (Barbara Segall)

I edit magazines and write about gardens, plants and gardeners. My own garden and those open to the public, here and abroad – and gardeners – professionals and passionate amateurs, alike, all feature in my writing. Growing my own fruit, vegetables and herbs in a small, productive and ornamental town garden gives me great pleasure, as does using the produce and writing about it.

The Garden Gate Is Open

I love visiting gardens.  Large or small, ancient or modern, rural or urban and how lucky we are to have so many in this country.

The National Garden Scheme, a great organisation that combines the joy of garden visiting with charity, this year celebrates 90 years of opening gardens most of which are private.

Having already visited several, especially in Norfolk where I live and volunteer with the NGS, this year it is my intention to try and visit 90 NGS gardens that are new to me.


I am a professional gardener working in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. I have a Fine Art background and degree, but also have RHS and OCN qualifications in Horticulture. I’m aiming for a light-hearted, fun approach to horticulture, which offers genuine insight and connects it with the wider world.

Gardening Adventures

Married Mum of 2. Passionate about gardening. A constant learning experience which I love! Love being in the garden and beautiful local places that are full of wildlife and beautiful views.

The Gardening adventures of Suffikboi

Lives, works, gardens and studies in Suffik

Gardening on the Edge

In 2012 we bought a derelict farmyard with a canal tunnel and railway line. The place was a wreck: covered in concrete with piles of rubbish that had become enveloped by brambles. It was my sleeping beauty: an exquisite spot that had been abandoned to nature and needed nursing back into a garden without losing the essence of wildness or the creatures that had made it their home. This blog is a record of this adventure and a testament to how to garden on the edge of what is conventionally considered “gardening”.

The Gardening Shoe

The name came about because in the Shoesmith family there is Little Shoe, Big Shoe and Young Shoe, and for fear of becoming the kind of Shoe I didn't want to be, I swiftly grabbed the moniker Gardening Shoe and headed off into the Blogosphere.

Nowadays I earn my living as a garden designer, horticultural consultant and writer. I have been given the occasional award, which is lovely, especially since I enjoy what I do. In all these years, my passion for gardening has remained undiminished. The garden continuously beckons, and I am fortunate to be able to escape outdoors nearly every day. My hope for The Gardening Shoe is that it will encourage you in your gardening life.

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Gardens, weeds & words

Gardens, weeds & words. An odd name for a blog. But really, that’s just what it’s all about. I spend a good part of each day messing about with, staring at, or thinking about all three, so naming the blog after them seemed like an entirely sensible thing to do. At least you know what you’re in for.

Gardens. Travel. Life.

I’m lucky to be able to garden in two different gardens. A small Lcndon garden full of pots – tree ferns in large brightly coloured pots. Agapanthus. Lavender. Herb troughs. Pots & Pots & snails. Not slugs in London. Snails with a prolific breeding programme. Hundreds of the little b—-s.

Somerset is very different. A cottage garden  with a hint of chaotic planting. No scheme. No colour beds. Just plants. I constantly buy plants. Ian says I never plant them. I do. Eventually  I admit and not in the places I anticipated.

Garden with Diana

I grew up in gardens. My parents grew and preserved all their own fruits and vegetables. My mom also tended flower gardens from which she created beautiful bouquets. While my dad now tends a heavenly plot, my mom still gardens in her 80’s.

I love plants – planting, nurturing and harvesting – in containers and in the garden. I enjoy finding new plants; trying new combinations; experimenting with new methods; photographing plants, wildlife and gardens; and visiting public and private gardens.

A Gardener’s Weather Diary

I’ve been recording weather records using a Davis weather station set up in the garden since late 2009.

These records are downloaded from the weather station to my computer where they are stored and analysed using specialist weather data software and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Our weather station is located in our garden in the town of Ossett West Yorkshire England. Where we live has a Maritime temperate climate. Maritime temperate regions are found in areas near coasts where the sea and onshore winds provide more rain and help to keep the temperatures level throughout the year.

Garden 4 Dinner

I intend to garden organically, frugally and as self-sufficiently as possible. I am working to reduce my gardening costs as I go. I plan to automate some of the gardening work. Not everything can be automated, but I like to be able to go on vacation or take a break. I have a little experience in gardening, but not a lot. Through this blog, I plan to share my successes and failures in hope to inspire and help others. I hope to learn from others and create a community of fellow gardeners.

I live in the Puget Sound area, in Washington State. Our USDA climate zone is 8.

The Galloping Gardener

Welcome to my blog - The Galloping Gardener. I am the author, the photographer and the intrepid traveller who searches the world for new gardens.

I came to gardening very late in life (as, I suspect, many of us do) and if you'd like to know more you can read one of my first blog entries:

I'm not going to go over history here, but I'm lucky enough to travel for both my work and with my family, so I get to see more than my fair share of wonderful gardens on the way and this blog is about those that I want to tell the world about.

Garden Rant

GardenRant has been online since June 2006 and quickly developed a following among garden bloggers, garden writers and editors, and landscape nursery business professionals.  We have been named Best Garden Blog, Most Innovative Garden Blog, and Best Written, by a jury of our peers.

Garden Design Magazine called us:  “Pithy, hysterically funny, with poignant news and views of all aspects of the garden world. Don’t miss their Manifesto!” We’ve also received praise from the Washington Post’s Barbara Damrosch, who said Garden Rant “gives good information, hosts lively and knowledgeable guest ranters, and is anchored by four outstandingly uppity women, excellent writers all.”

The Garden Smallholder

Welcome to our blog, we’re Karen and Rich!

Karen is the main blog author, a self-taught veg gardener and published photographer. Rich is a Marketing professional and the handy man around the garden smallholding.

We live in North Bedfordshire, UK with our grown up children. Most days are spent in wellies, pottering around our rural village garden tending to the vegetable garden and chickens.