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It’s a revolution.

Incredible Edible Bristol are inspiring people all over the City to take food production back into their own hands. Any piece of land has the potential to grow food – be it a curbside, your back garden or a spare corner in a park. Our mission is to take down the barriers between you and your ability to grow there.

Across Bristol there are over 30 edible gardens in parks, street corners and station platforms that have been built and planted with our incrEdible volunteers and partners. The food that grows there is free for anyone to take and eat.

The Indoor Vegetable Garden

Welcome to The Indoor Vegetable Garden. This is my experiences of learning to grow my own food completely indoors in my tiny, city, studio flat. I only use seeds, sun and soil – no fancy equipment and am experimenting to see what it possible without access to a traditional garden.

Jardins A L'Anglaise

Gardens in France… and elsewhere

Lynda Harris is a Landscape Architect and Garden Designer based in Paris.  She writes about the gardens she visits in France and sometimes elsewhere.  She also leads and assists garden and botanical tours.  For more information please go to her website profile page.

Kids in the Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, however small, it will probably be the first place where your children connect and interact with the natural environment.  I hope this site will give you some ideas about how to make the most of those experiences.

[NOTE: I’ve often had difficulty getting this site to load first time. If nothing happens, try hitting the refresh button (usually F5). This almost always works for me.]

The Kitchen Garden

If the changing seasons delight you; if you're happy in your garden and love cooking what you grow;

If you keep hens and like flowers on your table - join me and we'll share the joys of life here at the kitchen garden.

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The Kew Blogs

Keep up to date with what's happening at Kew, including updates from the teams working in the gardens, and our science and conservation teams working in the UK and around the world.

Joanne’s Cottage Garden

I decided to write about my passion for gardening past, present and future. I have been ill suffering with Lyme disease since May 2003 but at last after long term antibiotic treatment getting my life back and can again enjoy my garden.

The Inelegant Gardener

I'm a keen but rather haphazard gardener, with a smallish garden. The front garden is devoted mostly to a 'cottage garden' style, with the back garden a 'hotter' area of reds and oranges. The blog is a way of reminding myself of what I've done, and what doesn't work. Undoubtedly of little interest to anyone else on the planet

The Institute of Quarrying Garden Blog

As the Institute of Quarrying celebrates its centenary in 2017, we wanted to open the doors and give an insight into an industry driven by technology and innovation, which is filled with highly skilled, trained and competent professionals.

The creation of the IQ #QuarryGarden sets out to re-address the balance and showcase a vibrant industry, its people and the contribution it makes to the natural and built environments whilst educating and informing.

It promises to be an amazing journey of the coming months; we hope you will be joining us at the RHS Chatsworth show later this year.