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Margaret’s Patch

I'm married, have twin daughters and 4 lovely grandchildren. Retired from NHS. Love my garden and allotment, knitting, baking,walking.

Mark’s Veg Plot

I am a retired Lecturer in IT Service Management. My main hobby is growing edible plants, and photographing them -- and now blogging! I am also interested in cooking, and all matters related to Food and Drink.

Modern Veg Plot

Documenting my adventures in growing hopefully interesting and sometimes unusual edibles in my greenhouse and allotment plot. Also, I have a particular fondness for Winter Squash and Perennial Vegetables….


This is a diary of my efforts in growing, mud-wrangling and regularly being thwarted by the weather on 2 half plots in South London.

I've an incurable addiction to seed collecting, seed circles and am very proud to be a Heritage Seed Library seed guardian.


I spend four days a week looking after five different gardens in small corner of Suffolk. This is what I have been doing this week.

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Mr Plant Geek

I think I’m comfortable with referring to myself as the ultimate plant geek- as my obsession with plants has been persisting for over 30 years now, and shows no sign of letting up! I have been responsible for introducing hundreds of new plants into the UK, most notably novelties such as the Egg and Chips plant and the Fuchsia Berry!

Despite my shy early years, I’m confident in front of a camera, with appearances on QVC across Europe, BBC and ITV under my belt. I’m also a keen social media communicator, and use it to find out more about what gardeners want from their gardening and plants, and share my own advice with them!

The Middle-Sized Garden

A middle-sized garden can be expensive and time-consuming. You need more manure, plants and hands-on help than you do in tiny courtyard gardens, but you’re still limited on space. I’m not the sort of person who can make my own poly-tunnel from discarded plastic packaging. My money-saving tips need to be easier than that.

So I started this blog to share tips and inspiration on how to create a gorgeous garden, while saving time and money. I also try to follow environmentally-conscious and wild-life friendly gardening policies, although I usually crack when it comes to lily-beetle.